Let's dive in to NineFive
Even the most tech-averse client will find it easy to use.
Compartmentalize everything

Organization made simple

If you like having everything in the right place, NineFive is perfect for you. You can create as many boards and projects as you'd like, helping navigate between the different categories of your work. NineFive is very visual, so you always know where you are.
Sharing is a project is both simple and flexible. You can invite guests with a link, or by email, and they don't need to make an account to join your project.
Each project is a single and unique entity, but you can pin projects to multiple boards. Split out the boards into any category you'd like: some prefer by type of work, others prefer by client name.
Happy clients, happy life

Guide your clients

We do the handholding for you. Your clients can easily find everything related to the project, and you can set up a step-by-step process to get to the finish line.
Each project has a simple and intuitive task manager. You can easily find out what items need work and who needs to complete it.
Storing project files is a breeze. No matter how long ago the project finished, you can always find that one random document your client asks for.
Build it on the fly

Flexible content modules

With NineFive's wide variety of content modules, you can share anything with your clients. Embed links, create a checklist, share media/docs, establish a budget, or add instructions by text. Your project is your canvas, and you can paint it however you'd like.
Each module can be assigned, given a due date, approved or discussed in a dedicated chat thread.
Want to hide something from a client or a collaborator? No problem, you control each module's visibility.
Everything in the right place

One area for all discussions

Each module has it's own chat thread, so you can keep all discussions focused and on-topic. Discuss any step or content in separate threads, send emails, or interact with our AI assistant (Wanda), all from the same place - keeping your workflow uninterrupted.
All of your client interactions are centralized and easily accessible. If you client prefers email communication, you can email them directly from NineFive.
Let Wanda answer your client asks with a dedicated help Desk, curated with a specific context per project . (Coming soon)
Simple but flexible sharing

Easily share your work

Sharing your work is a pain with other tools. We've set up NineFive with a hassle-free way to control visibility. When you've built out your project and are ready to share, you can choose specific steps to decide who sees them.
Tailor visibility within a project, making sure that each user sees only what they need to.
Clients love that they don't need to make an account. They can interact with a shared project directly from an email or web page.
Shared project example
Hided text for fun