Unique work
requires a unique tool

NineFive is tailored for solo workers and small businesses.
Reach next-level efficiency with a tool that lets you manage projects,
communicate, and share your work.

Easy for anyone to use

Easy project sharing
Instantly share project updates and deliverables with your clients, all without the hassle of endless emails and follow-ups.
360º - view
See what's going on across all of your projects. Between tasks, budget, deliverables and communication, we have you covered.
Introducing Wanda
Wanda is your personal AI assistant, trained from your project data. She handles the tedious tasks so you can focus on your specialty.

We love you too.

“I have been looking for this type of tool for a long time.”
Sarah F.
Small Business Owner
“Love that my clients don't need an account.”
Amanda P.
Branding Freelancer
“This is like a communication tool on steroids.”
Skye O.
Owner, Web Designer
Designed for the busy professional

Peace of mind,
at scale.

No matter the number of projects, NineFive can handle it.

We know that keeping things tidy is important as you scale your business and take on more clients. That's why our platform is designed to grow with you.

Make your projects as streamlined or customized as you want. You can set up templates and never have to replicate work again, or you can fully customize each project - down to your own branding.
It's also really easy for your clients - they don't need to create an account to interact with the project.

Covering all the essentials.

Finally, one place where you can handle all aspects of your work. The days of using multiple tools for one project are over.
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Manage all communication

Chat or send/receive emails from the same place. No more endless threads of emails.

Budget your time

Estimate and finalize your project's budget. NineFive's flexibility lets you choose to share this with your clients or not.

Get paid, fast

We remind your clients that you're waiting on them...including payments!

Visualize you work

With a pulse on every project, you can anticipate your workload and adjust.
Clients don't need an account
Ah the duality: you need a tool for managing your work across all projects, but your client doesn't want to sign up. We understood the assignment, and set up email communication directly inside NineFive.
You control what's shared
Each step of the project can be shared or hidden from the client. If you have a small team, you can work internally and still keep all project information in one place.
Request approval with ease
Need sign off before continuing the project? Prompting your clients to approve materials has never been easier. At the end, your clients feel validated while you got the project to the finish line.  
Integrate with your existing stack
Some habits are hard to change. For greater flexibility in your workflow, you can embed your current business stack - keeping your project tidy and professional.
Automate your daily routine

Wanda is coming.

Meet Wanda, your AI-powered assistant designed to streamline your day-to-day tasks. Wanda is trained on your project data, giving her the ability to automate your workflow and manage client communications. Let Wanda take on the routine, so you can focus on the work that needs a human touch.
Wanda will be available in Sept. 2023.

Work generation

Wanda can analyze your client communication and generate comprehensive project plans, invoices and proposals. Reducing considerably your admin tasks.


"Ask Wanda Anything" provides instant, accurate responses to all your pressing questions. She can help with the specifics of one client project or broad questions across your entire business. It's up to you.

NineFive is here to help.

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