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NineFive is tailored for solo workers and small businesses.
Reach next-level efficiency with a tool that lets you manage projects,
communicate, and share your work.
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Love & trusted

by small businesses and solopreneurs
Love that tool

“I love the public link setup and the flexibility to build a project around what any client needs.”

Brooke Levine

Art & Story Coordinator @ Skydance Animation

“Love the overall simplicity of the program itself.”

Taysia Peterson-Dozier

Owner, Brand Strategist & Web Designer

"The new features look fantastisc. You guys are really pulling together a great product."

Jill Knobeloch

Owner @ Grapeseed Designs
Win Win

“It’s s a straightforward platform that is easy for both service providers and clients to use.”

Ashley Albert

Owner @ Anaco Creative
Easy to jump in

“Lots of tools are hard to use because they’re so cluttered, ugly and not intuitive.  I think NineFive is easy to jump into.”

Braxton Wilhelmsen

Owner @ We Are Sus

“For me, the most useful part is being able to look at the boards and instantly see where we are with the project.”

Marcus Hutchinson

Owner & Custom Furniture Designer

NineFive isn't just a client portal

it’s a canvas for you to collaborate, share and delight your clients

Centralize your

Chat or send emails directly in NineFive.  Keep all of your communications neatly organized and in the right place.  If your clients only want to use email, you can still benefit from an organized inbox.  Clients also don’t need to make an account to communicate with you.

Showcase your

The big reveal shouldn’t be just a Dropbox link.  Our customizable content modules offer a place to give your clients the WOW effect.  You have the flexibility to add context to your work, so that everyone is aligned, including stakeholders.

Sharing has never
been this easy

Clients don’t need to make an account to collaborate and communicate.  Sharing is flexible, easy and incredibly reliable.  You can invite clients by email, or create a custom link in seconds.

Bring in
the team

NineFive isn’t just for solopreneurs.  If you have a team of freelancers or contractors, you can easily invite them into your projects. You have full control over their access, and can easily shape a project’s visibility between members.

Curious what your clients would see?

Use the button below to invite yourself to a project, just like one that you would send to a client.

Show me an example project
Clients don't need an account
Ah the duality: you need a tool for managing your work across all projects, but your client doesn't want to sign up.
You control what's shared
Each step of the project can be shared or hidden from the client. If you have a small team, you can work internally and still keep all project information in one place.
Request approval with ease
Need sign off before continuing the project? Prompting your clients to approve materials has never been easier.
Integrate with your existing stack
Some habits are hard to change. For greater flexibility in your workflow, you can embed your current business stack - keeping your project tidy and professional.

Client satisfaction drives growth

here’s how you can increase both.

Custom and branded
client projects

Create a personalized experience for your clients by building a branded project. With minimal setup, your clients will feel like you built NineFive specifically for them.

The best part is clients don’t need an account.

Wanda, the AI assistant for client support

Do your clients frequently ask questions when you’re not available?

Wanda can take the project and client context and provide an answer, through email or chat.

Your client can
continue by email

If your client is resistant to software, you’re still able to manage your project.  Simply ping clients by email when you want them to take a look at something in NineFive.  We offer a full email client with delivery and read confirmation.

Email can stay in your workflow.

NineFive is your
one stop for client work.


No account needed for clients, a simple user interface and a visual view on your work.

More collaborative

Stop sending infinite email sthreads to your partners, contractors or clients. Start today to centralize your client collaboration with efficiency.


You never seen or experienced how NineFive can deal with your client asks throught AI. With two different levels of context and personalized instructions for each project.

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